The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to achieving holistic, inclusive and sustainable development of the state. As part of "Swarnandhra Vision 2029” the state has a vision to be among the best three states in the country by 2022, the best state by 2029 and to be a leading global investment destination by 2050. The focus shall be not only on socio-economic development but also on the happiness level in the society. To realize this vision, the government has adopted a mission-based approach to create the appropriate social and economic infrastructure and has initiated 7 Missions, 5 Grids and 5 Campaigns to create awareness, seeking participation of all the stakeholders.

Building on the existing Missions, Campaigns, Grids, Programs and Schemes of the State and Central Government, Government of Andhra Pradesh launched the Smart Village-Smart Ward programme in 2015. The programme focuses on improved resource-use efficiency, empowered local self-governance, access to assured basic amenities and responsible individual and community behaviour to build a vibrant and happy society with the partnership from Individuals, NRIs, Elected Representatives, Corporates and Business Houses, NGOs, Philanthropists etc. A ‘Smart Village/Ward’ encompasses sustainable and inclusive development of all sections of its community, so that they enjoy a high standard of living. The programme targets achieving towards Smart Village-Smart Ward.

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