Not just smart cities, my vision is to make smart villages and smart towns too, thus making a smart state by taking smart decisions, using smart technology and with the help of smart manpower. I appeal to NRIs, NGOs, VIPs, Corporates, Philanthropists, Ministers, MLAs, etc. to adopt at least one village each and develop our state into a Smart Andhra Pradesh. "

  • - Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu
  • Hon'ble Chief Minister
  • Government of Andhra Pradesh
Finance Minister

SRI YANAMALA RAMAKRISHNUDU Hon’ble Minister of Finance & Planning

Vice Chairman


The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to achieving holistic, inclusive and sustainable development of the state. As part of "Swarnandhra Vision 2029” the state has a vision to be among the best three states in the country by 2022, the best state by 2029 and to be a leading global investment destination by 2050. The focus shall be not only on socio-economic development but also on the happiness level in the society. To realize this vision, the government has adopted a mission-based approach to create the appropriate social and economic infrastructure and has initiated 7 Missions, 5 Grids and 5 Campaigns to create awareness, seeking participation of all the stakeholders.

Building on the existing Missions, Campaigns, Grids, Programs and Schemes of the State and Central Government, Government of Andhra Pradesh launched the Smart Village-Smart Ward programme in 2015. The programme focuses on improved resource-use efficiency, empowered local self-governance, access to assured basic amenities and responsible individual and community behaviour to build a vibrant and happy society with the partnership from Individuals, NRIs, Elected Representatives, Corporates and Business Houses, NGOs, Philanthropists etc. A ‘Smart Village/Ward’ encompasses sustainable and inclusive development of all sections of its community, so that they enjoy a high standard of living. The programme targets achieving towards Smart Village-Smart Ward:


  1. 100% Institutional Deliveries
  2. End all preventable maternal deaths
  3. End all preventable infant deaths
  4. Malnutrition free children (below 5 years of age)
  5. Zero school drop outs of boys and girls upto 12th class

Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation

Some of Our
Key Partners

Government of Andhra Pradesh established Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation to play a proactive facilitation and advocacy role in achieving the goals of the Smart Village Smart Ward programme and to facilitate the different stakeholders for synergizing efforts, resources, skills and knowledge towards achieving the vision of Smart Village- Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh. The foundation aims at an inclusive, sustainable growth of the state with the idea of promoting the happiness and wellness of its people.


The aims and objectives of the foundation are:

  1. To lay the foundation for a sustainable process of engagement with citizens, Non Resident Indians, Non Resident Villagers to lead the developmental efforts in their respective localities.
  2. To coordinate and channel the energies and programs of all the key stakeholders of Governance - State Government, Local Bodies, Industries, Non Governmental Organizations, Community Leaders, Donors, community and social responsibility partners with active involvement of citizens.
  3. To act as a State Level Nodal agency for facilitating, networking and advocacy of “Smart Village- Smart Ward” programme at sub district, district and state levels.

Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation has an eminent advisory board consisting of leading industrialists from each of the 13 districts, who are also district ambassadors, senior representatives from Reliance Foundation, UNICEF and Tata Trusts.

The Executive Committee consists of Principal/ Special Chief Secretaries from the key departments associated with the Smart Village Smart Ward program along with the Senior Leaders from social sectors and various industries. Please click below to know more about our executive team.

Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation team consists of experienced professionals from the industry and the social sector. Their charter is to the execute on the aims and objectives of the foundation with the guidance of the executive committee. Please click below to know more about our SAPF team.

Success Stories

Our Impact

No. of GP's partnered
No. of Wards partnered
Total No. of partners (General & Sectoral)

Number of GP's and Wards actively facilitated by Our Partners


Open Defecation Free villages


Drinking water


Internal CC roads




Water harvesting structures


Liquid waste management / Soak pits


Addition to school infrastructure


Various awareness programs

Become A Partner

Who can become a Partner?

Responsible Citizens, Institutions, NGOs, NRIs, Non-resident Villagers, Industrialists, Corporate, Officers, Public Representatives willing to either donate resources , facilitate mobilization of resources, transfer of technology, provide leadership, implement innovative ideas and work with the community for holistic development of village(s)/ward(s) can register as partners through our website Partnership is purely voluntary and does not have the same meaning as defined/understood in the Partnership Act 1932.

What is the role of a partner?

The partner would provide professional leadership and work with local communities to achieve desired outcomes of 20 development commitments through contributions, resource mobilization, technology transfer, implement best practices, innovative ideas etc,.

Is it Mandatory to work on all 20 Non-negotiable commitments?

It depends on the type of partnership opted, a General/ Lead Partner ensures that all 20 non-negotiable commitments are fulfilled. General/ Lead Partner can work with sector partners who can work on one or more commitments as a team.

What are different types of Partnerships?

Partnerships can encompass many different forms of collaboration. Partnerships are defined as voluntary and collaborative relationships between various parties in which all participants i.e partners agree to work together as a team with the community to achieve desired outcomes on 20 development commitments.

  1. GENERAL PARTNERSHIP: In this partnership the partner focuses on all non-negotiable commitments. Partner can opt to work also on areas beyond these commitments. A General Partner will closely work with the Village committee/Ward committee and the community.

  2. SECTOR PARTNERSHIP: In this partnership a partner can focus on one or more non-negotiable commitments i.e., education, health, sanitation, infrastructure, micro-enterprises etc. A partner can focus on as many commitments as one desires based on their interest, resources, experience etc.

Partnership Process Steps

How to become a Partner to develop a Gram Panchayat (GP) or Ward of Your Interest?
Responsible Citizens/Institutions/NGOs/NRIs/Corporates/Officers/Public Reps who are interested can register to become a Partner by following the steps below:
A: If you already know about the GP/Ward Basic Information:
Select the District, Mandal and GP/Ward of your interest, fill in all the details of the application form, accept the terms and conditions and click on Submit.
B : If you want to know about the GP/Ward Basic Information:

Click on Enter My Village button, traverse through the maps till constituency, select the Mandal/Municipality and Gram Panchayat /Ward in the drop downs and click on Village Profile to see basic information available about the GP/Ward. Click on Partner view and if it shows an orange button called Partner for the GP/Ward selected, click on it, fill in all the details and complete the registration process.
An acknowledgement email will come to the applicant immediately.
Once approved, an approval email will come with your login and password details, along with Mandal/Municipality and Gram Panchayat /Ward Representative contact details.

Register & Become a Partner


  • Partners, Please upload using the option provided in your Partner login or email a brief write-up and photos of recent development activities done to
  • Partners and Village Secretaries are requested to complete the Base Line Surveys as early as possible
  • Partners, Please upload using the option provided in your Partner login or email a brief write-up and photos of recent development activities done to
  • Read our latest Smart Pulse Newsletter


  • Partners, Please upload using the option provided in your Partner login or email a brief write-up and photos of recent development activities done to
  • Partners and Village Secretaries are requested to complete the Base Line Surveys as early as possible
  • Partners, Please upload using the option provided in your Partner login or email a brief write-up and photos of recent development activities done to
  • Read our latest Smart Pulse Newsletter
  • Journey So Far Document